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July 7, 2013 by vaudeville

• Everyone is sad and lonely in this world except when they’re not.  Everyone is every emotion possible when they’re not being one or more of all the other emotions.  Everything’s temporary and that’s as wonderful as it is horrible.  My worst and most claustrophobic periods of life happened / happen when I try to force a circumstance or emotion to hang around.  What makes a time memorable IS its impermanence — I keep having to relearn that every now and then and probably will until I’m dead.

In the meantime, everyone should connect with who and what’s around them while they’re all in this very particular arrangement, because there’s no way of telling what you might regret having missed when it’s all irreversibly different.  Sadder than that, some may not even be aware that there were wonderful things TO miss.

• On the other end of that spectrum, I think there’s a point where positivity can go overboard.  Blindlikers on Facebook drive me crazy.  It feels silly to complain about Facebook until I remember that it’s sort of a unique entity in that it’s both a barometer and an enabler of shitty people.  A friend of mine who interviews and analyzes people as part of their background checks for government jobs and military positions told me a while back that he noticed that the subjects and contacts he was dealing with, most of them our age, were becoming a lot more self-absorbed, catty, entitled and crass around 2006 and 2007, that it was getting worse each year, and that it was funny, wasn’t it, that it coincided with the time when social media started becoming more ubiquitous?

Blindlikers are people who click “Like” on a post regardless of what’s in it.  The “Like” button’s existence alone degrades appreciation.  It’s approval without the effort of communication or any real context, the happier side of the same barking dog mentality that most YouTube comments are.  So these serial “Like”ers, do they like the content or do they just like the person posting them?  I mean, I guess positivity is nice and all either way.  Though when you can take ten identical pictures of your shitty yard from your window and know that if you post them, each one will get at least two “like”s, what value does that kind of positivity really have anymore?

tenyardstenlikesminimum of 20 "like"s here!  Facebook gold!

• I’m going to be in Houma next week from Wednesday until Saturday afternoon.  Please keep my liver in your thoughts, he’s the real innocent bystander here.

(that last sentence was straight from a comment i left on my own facebook post recently.  it got three likes within ten minutes and even if all of them end up being from blindlikers, i still very hypocritically enjoyed seeing them because i’m a human being)


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