Re: My Current Facebook Status

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July 6, 2013 by socialpariah

1. Did you know that if you change ONE LETTER in “status,” it becomes, “STATUE?” The fluid, kinetic nature of Facebook constantly alarms and thrills me.  Status?  That shit moves, fluctuates.  Statue? It’s there forever-ish.  Status?  It’s recorded forever-ish in the annals of Interwebs, and “Statue,” and “Status,” recorded as a typo-riddled title for a co-blog that’s suddenly over-hyphenated to the extreme? Maybe it’s warping my meager woman brian.  Maybe it’s the bottle of tepid, incredibly shitty white wine I’m drinking out of a coffee mug at 4pm.

2. It sounds as though I am biting the hand that feeds, but when people come to me and talk to me about what a strong, independent woman I am, since I own a business and I talk justified trash and I don’t care that I’m 20 pounds overweight and I make my own art and I sing karaoke like I’m good at it, I just feel like I have to laugh in their faces.  And perhaps I AM biting the hand that feeds.  And maybe I’ll regret typing this.  But the truth is, every person who has ever said that to me has been cataloged and recorded, remembered and appreciated, filed and notarized.  I’m tired of facades, you guys!  Everyone’s self-esteem is shit!  That’s the truth.  If no one else will type it, I WILL. That’s the truth!

Every. Single. Compliment. I have ever gotten, from friends, family, homeless dudes, crack addicts, acquaintances, strangers, besties, cashiers, whatever, has been filed and kept and remembered.  Why?  Because people thrive on positive reinforcement.  You have NO IDEA who is lonely and sad in this world.  Your compliment can make a difference even though you don’t think it matters.


You have no idea what someone went through today.  Did someone die? Maybe.  Did their car get towed? If you’re in Chapel Hill, probably. Did their fish die?  Was it a goldfish?  Well they don’t live too long.  Was it a betta?  THEY PROBABLY DIDN’T FEED IT, AND THEY FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.


You have no clue if they need it or not.

Isn’t it better to be on the safe side of humanity?


3. What a terrible idea to post right now.  But really, I don’t regret it.  Someone, somewhere, connected with this shit.  Someone is putting up a facade somewhere, and they’re on my Facebook page and they’re reading this, and they’re nodding their head right now because it makes sense.  I can’t apologize for posting something true in the throes of a warm white wine haze.  And I won’t. ‘Cuz I am an adult, and it is Saturday afternoon, and I don’t have to work for six more hours, and I do what I want.

There are so many lonely people out there.


Everyone wants to be connected and justified.


4. My next post will be a happy one.  I promise.


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