March 30th, huh?

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July 2, 2013 by vaudeville

• While I’m at Zog’s August 3rd, we should play a round of pool.  We should draw it out and internet-televise it on Ustream.  We should get two other people functioning as overexcited announcers color commentating on the match.  We should have wrestler-style entrances with theme music.  We should have ridiculous outfits.  We should have some kind of online buildup to the match, back-and-forth trash talking videos on Youtube for like a couple weeks prior.  You should stop me at any time.  No, seriously, stop me, I’ll keep developing this until it gets really stupid (too late)

• I was in Dallas with Angie for five days for the Screwattack Gaming Convention.  The tabletop game room was the first thing to open, and look what we found there:
Wait, how’d that get there?  No, we really found this:
It’s basically Yahtzee meets Catan, and I think I played it every day we were there.  Each time, at least two people would wander over to the table and ask if they could play this crazy game they’d never seen before, so we ended up teaching it to about a dozen people.  I should see about a commission from the company or something.  Since you’re all into Catan like you are, have you ever run across this?

We also played a game called Ticket To Ride that I’d never heard of before and was a lot of fun.  You try to connect the cities on your route to each other across the continent using a limited amount of tracks and hope that other players don’t block you.  Of course, if you’ve played it, you already knew that.  Here we are playing it and knowing that.
And to prove that it could be done, I finished a game of E.T. they had on a display on the vendor floor.  It’s one of the few Atari games that has an ending, even if it’s not particularly thrilling.

• It’s been about a week since I’ve put in my contact lenses now.  13 year old me would be so disappointed.  I hated my glasses so much by then that I just stopped wearing them at school.  When teachers and friends would ask what happened to them, I’d tell them that my eyesight had improved enough to not need them anymore, the whole time squinting like I was staring into the sun.  After a couple weeks of that nonsense I got contacts, which changed precisely nothing about my social standing.  A good lesson to learn!  So good that I ended up learning it about a hundred more times after that.

ps your last post was late march not mid-may, i won’t tell anyone though, and certainly won’t put a reference to it as the title of this post


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