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May 29, 2013 by vaudeville

Oh yeah we have a blog thing here don’t we?  I thought about it after getting your text about offending the Billiard Gods and here I am now and now here you are.

• Temporal syntax can be a bizarre thing.

• I went to the eye doctor for the first time in four years a couple days ago and found out that the last contact lens prescription I got was way too strong.  I can see a lot better now and I also got some frames I like so I might start wearing glasses instead of contacts more often.  I had to wear glasses when I was a kid and I grew to hate them so I think it’s funny that I want them now.  Angie says they make me look like a completely different person and I agree — You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It:

four-eyes again

I’d post something bitchy about how they called today, twice, to let me know my orders were in, how I drove across the river and all over Metairie because I went to the wrong location first, how I got there and they said here are your contacts and oh yeah, your glasses will be in on another day so we’ll call you then and you can come back over here and get them, how that kind of wasted my afternoon and gasoline — I’d talk about all that except that I guess I kind of already did.

• I’ve got to make tearaway pants for a show I’m doing in a couple weeks.  Nobody’s interested in hearing about that though, so forget I said it.


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