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April 16, 2013 by vaudeville

• And now it’s my turn.  I was about to go on about how busy I am until I remembered how much I hate that as an excuse.  Everyone’s busy.  And if they’re not, everyone wants everyone else to think they’re busy so that they can’t be accused of having time to evaluate their lives.  To think is a terrible luxury.  Apparently.  Certainly.  Maybe?

• I’ve been doing shows, lots of them, like six in one weekend lots.  Some of those shows were in Houma so I ended up at Shit Stop at least two times over the past few weeks, maybe three.  Somehow I’ve gotten back to drinking so much that nights blur out into each other.  I’m not driving on those nights so it doesn’t bother me even though I probably should be concerned.  Eh.  Jak logic.  Because the birth of my future alcoholism is fucking depressing, let’s talk about getting that 1999 Shit Stop tape to me.

• With all I’ve been doing, I’m around more people than ever and I’m noticing that I’ve slowly started disconnecting from everyone around me again, and that’s really why I haven’t posted here.  I guess that progression must make sense from some outside perspective I can’t look through at the moment.  Simply acknowledging it doesn’t do much to fix it, so I…oh shit wait, other people read this, don’t they?  Uh, um, oh, here, look, a picture of me and Josh being weird at Nicholls!



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