Quick Apology Pointz.


March 30, 2013 by socialpariah

-I can apologize for my absence, but it would take an entire bullet fraught with actual reasons that would appear to be lame excuses and weird cop-outs to fully express my mortification and remorse at not being able to post one entry to one blog for two weeks.  Let’s just say this:  The movie is finished being shot (and it is going to be awesome), my mom is married (more on that later), and the dishes are washed (thank god), so now I have a little more time.

-Here’s my “Monkey’s Paw” anecdote.  I did not end up having to sing that Blues Traveler song at Mom’s wedding.  I practiced it and learned it and fretted about it and WISHED I wouldn’t have to sing it but I was willing to do it for her and I ended up not having to sing it.  What a price I paid for my paltry longing, however.  Her new husband and his daughter drunkenly sang it together and did not include me, which they were supposed to do, which was fine.   While this was happening, my mom was lying on the floor of the bathroom passing kidney stones for the first time in her life.  She had no clue I didn’t sing it, and wouldn’t have heard it if I had, so she can keep on believing I know and love that song since all she’s gonna remember from her wedding is how I sat in the ER at 4am and held her hand while she was on Morphine.

-I just went to Time Out, which, is identical to Pit Stop AKA Shit Stop in Houma (shout out to Craig Lirette AKA KNSU’s Dynamite Boy who brought me there in 1999 and let me audio-record the entire table’s conversation, which is a thing I still own, that recording) and I got Broccoli Chicken Casserole.  I sat down to write this entry after washing a real fork with which to eat my casserole, and found that it was freezing cold.  The chicken, not my fork.  I’m going to throw it away.


P.S.: Yes, to answer your question, I will dig out the recording and figure out a way to send it to you so you can use it on an album.



One thought on “Quick Apology Pointz.

  1. vaudeville says:

    Do you know me, or do you know me. Can’t wait to hear it.

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